I’m leaving Tag Games…sniff…

Well, the time is nigh. After 7 happy years of Tag Games I’m now leaving. I’m not moving too far (about 30 yards), so I’ll still be able to see the motley crew as they trundle towards Tesco, Supersnacks & Clark’s Bakery every lunchtime.

So I decided to move across the road to Outplay Games. I’m really sad about leaving Tag as it’s been my home for so long now. The people are talented and funny and they made an old fart like myself feel very welcome there during my extended stay. I’d like to say thanks to Paul Farley for taking me on when Denki laid me off all those years ago and indulging me by giving me the office cleaning job & the Tag Tuck Shop to allow me to earn a little bit extra on the side.

My professional highlights in the Tag years are games such as Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor and probably my most successful project, Heroes of Might And Magic: Clash of Heroes. It actually made the company some money, which was very rewarding for me to be able to say that.

I’ll still keep in touch with the Tag guys (if they’ll still talk to me after I leave, that is), but I’m super-excited about the opportunities that await across the road. Many employees there are former Taggites and I hope they’ll all remember me with fondness and embrace me with open arms.

I’d also like to thank Graham Galvin (a former Denkite like myself) for representing me in such a favourable light to my new employees.

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